95% of our beef comes from Scotch Premier of Aberdeen a trusted and reputable company who have been supplying E Lee & Sons for over 30 years. We deliver to our customers a high quality of meat- all of our beef is aged on the bone for a full 28 days. This gives the meat a superior flavour and texture


Lamb has always been a popular dish which is why we strive to bring you the best quality of local lamb which is sourced from surrounding village farms. Whether it be spring or autumn our lean and tender lamb is always great with mint sauce.


All of our sausages at E Lee & Sons are made with free range Blythburgh pigs and are hand linked in natural casings. The extra care and attention we give really shows in the taste, with everything from the traditional to the hot spicy Spanish sausage. We cater for all tastes. 


We believe that animals are important. A better quality of life equates to a better quality of meat. This is why all of our pork is free range, from our succulent pork loin to our homemade sizzling sausages. We use Blythburgh pigs which are born outdoors and spend their entire life outside in the fresh air. By growing at a slower, more natural rate the pork acquires a traditional flavour and succulence that has been largely forgotten in today’s mass produced pork. 


All poultry sold at E Lee & Sons is, of course, free range. This leads to a mouth watering, meaty bird. Our poultry suppliers are local to the area which is what, we believe this is what keeps it fresh and of a high quality


At E Lee & Sons we love bacon and we think you’ll love our home cured bacon, cut thick with the rind on, whether you like it plain or out traditionally oak smoked bacon.


Our Quality

We will only sell British meat which is sourced directly from local farms. We mature the meat naturally and use traditional methods of preparation to ensure optimum flavour and texture. 


  • sliced pork
  • pork chops
  • fillet of beef
  • chicken breasts
  • beef topside and different joints of beer
  • sausages from free range Blythburgh pigs